TouTourmakers_black_rgbr-Makers tours medium to large-scale performing arts in New Zealand, with the support of Creative New Zealand. Tour-Makers works alongside arts organisations, providing a connecting role between practitioners, venues and festivals. For past and present tours & ticketing visit our 'Shows' listings.  

VENUES: Submit Interest, Request Contact regarding 2018/2019 Short-Listed Shows as presented at EVANZ End of Year Conference.

Definition of tours

- A minimum of three centres,
- One centre must be regional (outside of Auckland/Wellington),
- Can include mix of cities and festivals,
- One tour per calendar year must include the South Island.

Funding of tours will cover

- Travel
- Freight
- Accommodation
- Per Diems

Selection criteria

Before submitting your expression of interest, please make sure you have read and are familiar with our selection criteria.

Services provided by Tour-Makers

Services will be provided by Tour-Makers team comprising the Senior Producer, General Manager, Marketing & Audience Development Manager and Production Manager.
Tour-Makers will provide the following services to successful applicants, if required:
- Tour development and tour scheduling
- Budgets for whole tour
- Marketing expertise
- Audience Development expertise
- Production Requirements
- Tour Management
- Venue negotiation*
* Tour-Makers can approach venues with a view to presenting a shared risk model. A shared risk model will be a split % model, whereby funds from the box office revenue will be shared between the investors (Venue, Presenting Company, Tour-Makers) based on the level of investment from each party.
Expressions of Interest for late-2017/2018 are now closed. If you have any queries regarding touring with Tour-Makers, please contact Drew James - Senior Producer - Tour-Makers

Tour-Makers Background

Tour-Makers initial focus is on managing and supporting medium to large-scale national tours in New Zealand and will manage and support a minimum of two tours a year that include at least 3-4 centres.

Tour-Makers applies to Creative New Zealand’s Touring Fund for a contribution towards the costs of national tours including transport and freight between centres, accommodation and per diems.

Venue charges, royalties, and all other associated costs of touring not outlined below, will be the responsibility of the company/artist.

Tour-Makers will provide services in assisting with the delivery of the tour, to be determined on a case-by-case basis. This can include producing and touring advice and guidance, marketing and audience development, production management, tour development and negotiation with venues and festivals, as well as assisting in brokering collaborations.

Since 2015 we have toured:

  • Modern Maori Quartet
  • Live Live Cinema - Little Shop of Horrors
  • The Mooncake and the Kumara
  • Daffodils
  • No Man's Land
  • The Book of Everything
  • The White Guitar
  • Triumphs and Other Alternatives
  • Anzac Eve
  • As Night Falls by Black Grace 
  • That Bloody Woman

If you would like to book any of the shows we have toured, wish to discuss options for touring your show or would like to enquire about bringing shows to your venue, please contact Tour-Makers Senior Producer, Drew James

A special acknowledgement to Creative NZ for their support and vision for touring in New Zealand.