Who we are

We are the Performing Arts Network of NZ (PANNZ)

Our activity includes running the annual Arts Market & a national touring agency (Tour-Makers*)

About PANNZ Inc

The Performing Arts Network of New Zealand (PANNZ) is a capacity building organisation driven by, and in support of, New Zealand's professional performing arts sector.

PANNZ's flagship initiative is the New Zealand Performing Arts Market. This annual event was originally launched in partnership with EVANZ (Entertainment Venues Association of New Zealand) in 1999.

In 2014 PANNZ was awarded the Creative New Zealand Touring Agency funding to deliver medium to large-scale regional and national tours of contemporary Theatre, Dance and Music throughout New Zealand. Tour-Makers was established in 2015. 

 PANNZ also delivers other initiatives and events in accordance with its core objectives:

  • To promote and encourage the establishment of a sustainable performing arts touring network throughout Aotearoa New Zealand
  • To facilitate and develop communication networks within the professional performing arts community of Aotearoa New Zealand

PANNZ Vision

A representative advocate, an authoritative voice, recognised as being a key leader in the industry that promotes and encourages a sustainable performing arts network throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

PANNZ Purpose

To proactively develop networks and opportunities with the professional performing arts community in order to enable a sustainable industry that strengthens the cultural wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand.

About Tour-Makers

Tour-Makers supports the national touring of contemporary New Zealand theatre, music and dance.

In September 2014, Creative New Zealand called for proposals to establish a national touring agency. The intention was to fill a gap in theNZ  performing arts infrastructure and ensure that more audiences nationwide have opportunities to enjoy excellent NZ performing arts experiences.

At the heart of the proposal was for Tour-Makers to be a flexible organisation that can adapt to the existing environment, and work in partnership with the sector.

Tour-Makers is an agency that works alongside arts organisations and artists who have their own management structures to deliver tours; and provide financial and management structures for artists and arts organisations that do not have their own.

Our focus is on managing and supporting medium to large-scale regional and national tours of New Zealand.

We define ‘medium scale’ as being tours that have more than three artists in the touring party, travelling to venues with 200 or more seats.

Tour-Makers develops and negotiate contracts between companies and presenters, providing a connecting role between practitioners, venues and festivals.


Expressions of Interest for shows to tour NZ in late 2016 and 2017, are now being called for.

Click here to applyTourmakers_black_rgb

Closing date: 23 November 5pm.

About Arts Market

PANNZ's flagship initiative is the New Zealand Performing Arts Market.

The next Arts Market will be held in Wellington in 2018. Dates and registration information to be announced.

Arts Market History

In 1998 a group of industry stakeholders formed an Incorporated Society called PromPT (Promoting Professional Theatre). The first initiative of PromPT was to form a partnership with EVANZ (Entertainment Venues Association of New Zealand). Together they launched the New Zealand Performing Arts Market. The partnership of these two organisations was called PANNZ.

From 1999 to 2006 PANNZ also administered a Touring Fund in association with the Market.

By 2017 the Performing Arts Market had grown from a one day market featuring 11 works to a three day event featuring more than 50 works.

 In 2006, EVANZ formally ceded their involvement in the Market and the touring fund was dis-continued. EVANZ remain close associates of PANNZ and continue to hold a seat on the PANNZ Executive.

Since 2007 the PromPT Incorporated Society has assumed full responsibility for the Performing Arts Market and in doing so has taken ownership of the PANNZ name and brand. During the transition, the Market was initially scaled back to a one-day initiative featuring a small and select group of works. The Market is now building back up to be one of the most important industry events on the New Zealand calendar.

PANNZ is the public face of the PromPT Incorporated Society established 1998. Registration to attend the PANNZ New Zealand Performing Arts Market automatically includes membership to the Society.

The Society is governed by a voluntary Executive comprised of representatives from key stakeholder groups – festival directors, venue managers and arts producers.

PANNZ employs contract staff to deliver specific initiatives.


Louise Gallagher - General Manager

Drew James – Senior Producer, Tour-Makers

Celia Walmsley - Producer, Arts Market

Stephanie Richardson - Marketing and Audience Development Manager

Andrew Potvin – Producer, Technical and Logistics

Lesley-Anne Carey – Office Manager


PANNZ Executive

James Wilson (Chair)

Sarah Anderson (EVANZ Representative)

Philip Tremewan (Festival Convener)

Dolina Wehipeihana (Independent Producer Convenor)


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