Tour-Makers National Touring Agency supports the touring of professional New Zealand theatre, music and dance and is a key initiative working toward a sustainable touring network in New Zealand. Our initial focus is on managing and supporting medium to large-scale national tours and delivering a minimum of two tours a year that include at least 3-4 centres. We have been on the road since 2015, delivering significantly more shows, to more centres across the country and we're not showing any sign of slowing down!

With a strong focus on audience development and working toward sustainable audiences, we work closely with venues and producers to bring more professional New Zealand productions to more people in their own community. Previous tours include: Daffodils, That Bloody WomanThe Mooncake & the Kumara, The Modern Maori Quartet, Little Shop of Horrors, The White Guitar, Anzac Eve, The Book of Everything, Triumphs and Other Alternatives, As Night Falls, and Jekyll & Hyde. For a full list of shows current and previous, visit our Show listings

Special acknowledgement to Creative New Zealand for their support and vision for touring in New Zealand. 

Expressions of Interest

Tour-Makers applies to Creative New Zealand’s Touring Fund for a contribution towards the costs of national tours including transport and freight between centres, accommodation and per diems. We provide services in assisting with the delivery of the tour, to be determined on a case-by-case basis. This can include producing and touring advice and guidance, marketing and audience development, production management, tour development and negotiation with venues and festivals, as well as assisting in brokering collaborations.

Expressions of Interest for touring with Tour-Makers in 2021 closed through National Touring Selector on Tuesday 3 September 2019. 

Tour-Makers Eligibility Criteria

Productions must:

  • Be a New Zealand production, produced in New Zealand*
  • Be a medium to large-scale production, incorporating a minimum of 3 performers on stage
  • Be suitable for venues with a capacity of 200+
  • Have already been premiered, or has a confirmed premiere date in venue or festival, by April 2020
  • Not already funded by Creative New Zealand to tour. Extensions to funded touring may be considered
  • Be available for touring in 2021
  • Provide support material including budget, technical specification and marketing materials and plan

* Note: New Zealand productions may be an adaption or version of an international work, but must be produced in New Zealand by a New Zealand-based company, and engaging predominantly New Zealand-based artists.

Panel Assessment Guidelines:

  • The production is of high quality
  • The budget is accurate and achievable
  • The Producer or organisation has a track record of successfully producing and/or touring productions
    The production is designed, or can be re-designed to tour e.g. freight requirements, set-up time, and achievable lighting and sound requirements in a regional venue context (the production will be assessed and rated by an expert to be made available to the panel)
  • The production is accessible for regional communities, shows potential presenter demand
  • The marketing plan and materials are good quality, with a realistic target audience, audience development and engagement opportunities.
  • There is value in touring this production to regional New Zealand e.g. cultural, diversity, important New Zealand story, innovative production, educational value, only opportunity

For more information read our Application Guidelines covering both PANNZ Arts Market and Tour-Makers opportunities.