Tour-Makers Selection Criteria

Proposals must:

  • Demonstrate the capacity of a well-run and financially sound organisation.
  • Incorporate a minimum of 3 artists, on stage, in the production.
  • Evidence work is of high quality.*
  • Include an audience engagement plan or a commitment to actively develop a plan, and demonstrate a commitment to audience engagement opportunities to develop local audiences.
  • Provide an accurate budget, showing all income/expenditure, as per budget information requested in EOI form/budget template.
  • Evidence that the production is designed to tour, including pack-in limited to one day prior and/or the day of first performance, and quotes for freight
  • Be tour ready – either fully produced, or selected for inclusion for presentation in professional festivals.
    • If included in festivals, please supply correspondence of confirmation of work.

*High Quality is determined by the strength of the idea, viability of process, experience/ability of people involved and the soundness of the budget.


  • Already funded by Creative NZ, for the same activity, to tour.
  • International applicants*.

* At this time Tour-Makers purpose is in supporting NZ Artists/Works to tour NZ.


Priority will be given to works that will ensure a balanced programme across the art forms of Music, Dance and Theatre, as well as a balance across regions, cultural diversity and different works/companies.

Priority may be given to companies/works, which would not otherwise tour by existing mechanisms; or can demonstrate a need for subsidy.

Strong applications will demonstrate their vision for touring, good financial acumen and a commitment to growing audiences.

  1. Vision
  • Companies/artists that can demonstrate the tour aligns with their strategic goals.
    • Demonstrate why it is important for you/company to tour.
    • Advise why you would not otherwise tour by existing mechanisms.
  1. Financial
  • Demonstrate value for money
    • May include contribution from partners (financial or otherwise).
    • Can present a shared risk model.
    • Cost benefits to the parties involved.
  1. Audience Engagement
  • What is the audience for your work?
    • Demonstrate audience engagement opportunities.
    • Include audience numbers of existing database/s.
    • Show a demand for the work in various communities.

 If you wish to discuss your application prior to submitting or have any queries regarding touring with Tour-Makers, please contact Drew James, Senior Producer

Regardless of the outcome of your application, we also highly recommend you attend the Arts Market in Auckland 13-15 March 2017.