Ready to apply?

Applications open Thursday 1 August 2019 through National Touring Selector (NTS) and close on Tuesday 3 September 2019. There is no cost to apply.

STEP 1: Create a user account

Register a producer user account on National Touring Selector (NTS). Once you register it will take 1-2 days for us to check the details and activate it for you, so please allow time for this. Once activated you will be able to log-in and build your personal profile via the Members Dashboard.

STEP 2: Create a producer profile

A producer profile gives an overview of your company and describes the type of work you create. Once you have set up your profile you can add other registered users who will be able to edit and manage your National Touring Selector (NTS) content and who will also receive news and other information.

STEP 3: Create a production listing

You can then create a Production Listing for your production. These listings contain a great deal of information about the productions and cover technical needs, marketing, images and video, personnel and costs.

STEP 4: Publish your production

To publish your Production you will need a subscription. The promo code PANNZ20 will be automatically applied to give you a 12 month complimentary subscription to National Touring Selector (NTS). Go to the Dashboard or Members area, click on My Productions, click the EDIT button next to the Production you wish to subscribe. At the top of the screen if no subscription is active click Create a special subscription.

STEP 5: Enter your production/s into the Market/Round

Markets/Rounds give producers the opportunity to offer up their latest works for touring and presenters an opportunity to view and select online productions that they wish to include in their future programs. The PANNZ Arts Market 2020 round (which includes Tour-Makers 2021 expressions of interest) will open on Thursday August 1st.

How to enter into the market

· Step 1 Go to the Markets tab on the dashboard

· Step 2 Select the PANNZ Arts Market 2020

· Step 3 Carefully read selection criteria and important dates to gauge your eligibility

· Step 4 Click the Green ‘Submit Production’ button (bottom of the page)

· Step 5 Choose the production you would like to enter into the Market


For more information please refer to our application guidelines and resources.