d002018928 Sep 17 - The Arts Market: promotion New Zealand's performing arts 

In a recent interview The Big Idea did with The Modern Maori Quartet, band member Maaka Pohatu shared that the Arts Market, run by the Performing Arts Network of NZ (PANNZ), was the platform that got them discovered and selected for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Read More (The Big Idea)



big28 March 17 - Towards Transparency words by James Wilson (PANNZ Chair)

"We need to be honest with each other, and ourselves. Only then can we grow strength and sustainability throughout our performing arts ecology"

- James Wilson, PANNZ Chair

Key themes of Arts Market 2017 were partnerships and working together. In his opening address, our Chair, James Wilson, had some poignant words to share that got a lot of us thinking. We have been encouraged by some of those that were in the room to share these thoughts more widely, and in doing so we hope to generate thought and discussion. Read More



artsmarket_black_rgb10 March - 60 new New Zealand works to be presented at Arts Market 2017

More than 60 new New Zealand works will be pitched and previewed at New Zealand’s annual Arts Market, from Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 March, at Auckland Live. The 3-day event brings together more than 170 local and international arts professionals, emerging and established artists and producers, and presenters from venues, festivals and touring agencies. Read More (The Big Idea)





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